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Company Profile

Blakers Pump Engineers building

Proven Leadership

Perth-based Blakers Pump Engineers became part of global industrial products company ITT Corporation in late 2011. Now known as ITT Blakers, the original company was established in January 1979 to supply process and industrial pumping equipment to Australia’s chemical, oil and gas, mining, and power industries.

ITT Blakers is a fully integrated pump service provider, with a full portfolio of premier industrial products complementing the ITT Goulds pumps range, including Milton Roy API 675 metering pumps, Seepex API 676 helical rotor pumps, and Ebsray Vane and gear pumps. The company has exported major pump packages to more than eighteen countries around the world.

The company packages, tests, commissions and services Goulds Pumps’ complete range of horizontal and vertical heavy-duty centrifugal pumps for the oil and gas, mining, chemical, refining, and water treatment industries, including ANSI and API 610 specifications in the Australian market. ITT Blakers also distributes ITT’s C’treat reverse osmosis watermakers to provide fresh water supply to offshore platforms.

ITT Blakers covers the whole of Australia with sales offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Gladstone. Its headquarters in Perth comprises of 2600 square meter office, as well as a warehouse, factory, repair/service/rebuild centre, and pump test bay for the packaging and after-sales service of pumping and associated equipment. The Perth, Gladstone (Queensland) and Sydney facility provides aftermarket service, rebuild and repairs for a wide range of equipment in this fast-developing region.

The pump test facility conforms to Australian and International standards and is equipped to test both horizontal and vertical pumps, with a variable frequency drive for performance testing over a wide range of speeds. NPSH testing using vacuum suppression, and noise and vibration testing including FFT spectrum analysis, can also be conducted.

Quality Assurance

We are accredited by BVQI to AS/NZS ISO 9001 - 2008. Copies of the quality manual are available on request

Occupational Health and Safety

Our Occupational, Health and Safety policy is formally documented with procedures conforming with NOSA standards.


We are currently reviewing our policy with a view to implementing standard ISO 14000.

Products represented by ITT Blakers exclusively for the whole of Australia

ITT Goulds Pumps (Inc. ITT-Vogel and ITT - AC) - A complete range of horizontal and vertical heavy-duty centrifugal pumps for the Oil / Gas, Mining, Chemical, Refining, Water Treatment, Pulp / Paper and General industries including ANSI and API 610 specifications.

Seepex - Process standard progressive cavity pumps and macerators for the Mining, Oil / Gas, Chemical, Water Treatment and Sewage industries. Hygienic food and beverage pumps conforming to 3-A Sanitary standards.

Feluwa Pumps (Germany) - Positive displacement piston hose diaphragm “Seal-Less” pumps for transfer and injection of high pressure, corrosive, erosive and viscous chemical liquors and abrasive slurries. Flows up to 600 M3 Hr and pressures up to 320 Bar.

Milton Roy – Heavy duty packed plunger and diaphragm pumps, to API 674 and 675, for the injection and dosing of a wide range of corrosive, abrasive, toxic, radioactive and hazardous fluids.

Someflu (France) - Non metallic chemical process pumps, for corrosive, toxic and hazardous fluids and slurries to ISO2858 (dimensional) and ISO 5199 (technical) standards, in horizontal and vertical configurations, with a wide range of material and sealing options. Flows to 1000 m3hr, Heads to 100 m and temperatures to 150oC

BPE Unistream - Back Pull Out centrifugal pumps to DIN 24255 Standard. For Mining, Industrial, Municipal, Water Treatment and Mechanical Service applications.

C'TREAT Watermakers - Incorporating the latest proven equipment and process technology in reverse osmosis desalination, for offshore Oil and Gas services.


Products represented by ITT Blakers exclusively in Western Australia

In addition to those listed above for the whole of Australia we have exclusive distribution agreements covering Western Australia for the following products.

Ebsray - Positive displacement gear, vane and lobe pumps for transfer of viscous and non-viscous liquids including hydrocarbons, with or without lubricating qualities. Above ground and submersible regenerative turbine pumps for LPG dispensing. Submersible multistage pumps for motor spirit transfer.

Iwaki - Chemical metering pumps with electronic, mechanical and hydraulic piston diaphragm designs.

Iwaki - Magnetic drive "Seal-Less" pumps in non-metallic construction for Chemical, Photographic Processing, Laboratory and General Industrial applications.

Delasco - Peristaltic "Seal-Less" positive displacement hose pumps for corrosive, erosive and viscous liquids and slurries.
Flows up to 35 M3 Hr.
Pressures up to 15 Bar.

Versa-Matic and Wilden - Self priming positive displacement air operated double diaphragm pumps, up to 80NB discharge, in metallic and non metallic construction. For the transfer, injection and decanting of a wide range of viscous and non viscous slurries and chemicals.

Lutz - Electric and air operated drum pumps for the decanting and transfer of a wide range of chemicals and viscous liquids with hazardous area certification. Pump tube materials include; Polypropylene, Kynar, Aluminum and Stainless Steel.